In 1974 I got my driver’s license and had my heart set on a muscle car. In 1976 a neighbor of my then girlfriend (now wife) owned a bronze 66′ GTO. After riding in the 389 four speed Goat, the Pontiac GTO soon became my second love. I knew that a GTO was the car for me!


After a year of searching the classifieds, I ran across an ad for a 67′ GTO. I spoke to the owner and she told me that her father had given her the car as a graduation present in 1967. Her family needed a station wagon and the GTO had to go. I bought the car after seeing its excellent condition. I drove the GTO until 1987 when I took it off the road due to the uneconomical cost of driving the big V-8. I planned on restoring it to its former glory so I started by sandblasting and painting the frame.


In 1988 I purchased a 67′ Pontiac Tempest that I intended to use as parts for restoring the GTO. After inspection of the Tempest I decided that it was in too good a condition to be salvaged for parts so I refocused my efforts on its restoration. After its completion, I used the Tempest as a show car and won several awards but I was still determined to finish the Goat.


Unfortunately other priorities came first and the GTO sat idle for several years. In 2000, with the kids on their own and in college I found that I had the time and money to invest in its complete restoration. This website documents my progress.