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Radiator Support Repair – Part VI

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Today ended with the completion of the 81 Trans Am’s radiator support. A small corner bracket that is sandwiched between one set of body bushings was bent and drilled with the appropriate size hole to accommodate the bushing. Since the car will incorporate Global West tubular subframe connectors, aluminum bushings will be used under the radiator support and at two locations between body and subframe as required by the manufacturer. Next the All-Metal was grinded relatively smooth to fill any major pitting. The rusted piece that was cut out of the radiator support was used the locate the holes for which the battery tray is mounted. The holes were cut out using a few drill bits and a die grinder. The support will house a Be Cool Aluminum radiator, as the stock radiator for the 301 may not be able to effectively cool the new 400 motor. The day ended with final paint on the radiator support, bottom support brackets, and battery tray.

Radiator Support Repair – Part V

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

With all of the welds ground smooth, a small amount of filler evened out the imperfections. Admittedly filler on this piece is a little overkill but as they say if you’re going to do something you may as well do it right. First a thin coat of All-Metal was mixed and applied to a wide area on top of the welds and places heavily pitted from rust. This was sanded down with a DA sander. Next, a skim coat of body glaze was applied over the All-Metal to smooth out the deep scratches left by the DA.

The new battery box from National Parts Depot was blasted and recoated with self etching primer. The steering box was not blasted but washed with soapy water and then dried. A product called “The Must for Rust” by Krud Kutter was applied over the entire surface. The product contains phosphoric acid and does a great job of removing rust on its own with little or no scrubbing.

Radiator Support Repair – Part IV

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Today the inner structure of the radiator support was repaired. The worst sections were removed and replaced with new sheet metal. Some of the new section was overlapped for added strength. After trimming and test fitting time and time again, the inner structure was finally ready to be welded in. Spot weld holes were drilled and weld through primer applied anywhere the inner structure overlapped with the outer sheet metal. The day ended with a practically complete radiator support. Some finish grinding is needed and the two lower braces need to be blasted and fastened. Next week the part should be painted and the holes are to be drilled for the new battery tray from National Parts Depot.

Radiator Support Repair – Part III

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

This week continued the 81 Trans Am radiator support repair. The lower fabricated patch panel was finally welded in place. The stamped boss was then cut to size. The stamped boss was then traced out on the main patch panel to be cut out. The stamped piece was then welded in its proper place. Welds were then ground smooth with the rest of the radiator support.

Radiator Support Repair – Part II

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

At this point most of the rust has been cut out of the 81 Trans Am’s radiator support. Unfortunately some of that rust exteneded to one of the stamped bosses to which the battery tray bolts. Luckily, the passenger side has an exact duplicate of the required boss. To make this feature, a rectangular frame was welded together and lined with aluminum foil. Resin was then poured into the form taking the shape of the feature. After a good curing period, the second half of the mold was poured using the first half of the form. Two nuts were welded on each side of the two forms for alignment purposes. When the dies were cured, a piece of sheet metal was cut to fit between the two. A 12 ton bottle jack press was used to stamp the piece.