Oil Catch Can II

I didn’t include all of the details behind he reasoning of the catch can in my last post.  The car has a bad hesitation when you really get on the gas.  After pulling the spark plugs I noticed significant oil on the plugs and on the pistons.  This had me concerned  about rings not seating, rings installed improperly, etc. Or, perhaps sucking liquid oil through the PCV hose.

The valley pan I have is an aftermarket aluminum piece from Butler Performance.  The valley pan has a baffled piece of aluminum tubing for the PCV.   I bought a few things to try and troubleshoot the problem. I bought the catch can to see just how much oil was getting sucked into the intake system.  The video below shows the oil collected after only about 20 miles. It may have been about a shot glass full.  Needless to say it was significant.  As a precaution I bought a leak down tester to try and rule out the rings.  The numbers looked good with only around 5% leakdown.  Next I plugged the old PCV setup installed a set of Earl’s Performance valve cover breathers with a PCV valve built in to rule out oil being sucked through the valley pan.  Turns out this was the problem.  After the same 20 miles trip I showed no oil in the catch can this time.  A change out of the fouled spark plugs and I should be back in business.

photo-oct-18-2-37-40-pm photo-nov-14-1-01-24-pm


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