Pinion Seal Replacement

July 16th, 2015 by Zach

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Finally decided to address a pretty nasty leak around the rear diff pinion.  After removing the yoke the problem was fairly obvious.  The garter spring in the oil seal had come completely out.  Either the seal wasn’t pre-oiled or the spring was dislodged  when the yoke was installed the first time.  Removed the old seal and installed the new seal with a driver tool that I modeled in Solidworks and 3D printed pictured to the right.


Lowering Spring

July 5th, 2015 by Zach

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It’s been a while since my last post.  I wanted to enjoy the car some before jumping into any more projects.  The back end of the car is sitting way to high so I finally bought 2″ lowering springs through Detroit Speed to drop the rear.  The first picture is the height with the stock springs.  DSE claims the new springs will lower the car 2″ from ‘factory ride height’ and that the drop will only amount to about 1″ when replacing 30+ year old springs.

The spring pack is almost right at 5/16″ thicker than the stock springs.  In the leaf spring comparison picture you can see the spring with the thinner shim is the stock spring.  I bought a universal u-bolt kit through Speedway Motors and drilled out all of the holes in the shock plate and spring perch to accept the 1/2″ diameter bolts. I machined some spacers out of aluminum to make up the difference such that the bottom shock plate will bottom out against the spring perch as it does with the factory setup.


Image 1 is before spring replacement, image 2 is just after installation, image 3 is after a 15 mile test drive.  As you can see I ended up about 1/8″ above where I started with my old springs.  Perhaps the setup will settle a bit more but probably not much.  I would recommend DSE’s 3″ drop for anyone trying to get some amount of drop.  I’ll install the lowering blocks that came with the u-bolts for an inch of drop.

photo-may-17-9-35-08-am photo-jul-19-11-22-40-am photo-aug-16-12-06-35-pm

November 12th, 2014 by Zach

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The Trans Am finally made it’s debut at a local cruise night.  The pristine GTO beside the Trans Am is the actual car that this site was originally created for.


The picture below is just after window tint by OuttaSight in Lynchburg Va.  After seeing an unbelievable demo setup in OuttaSight’s showroom I was immediately sold on FormulaOne’s Pinnacle Series ceramic construction type tint.  The demo consisted of a heat lamp behind a glass wheel with different types of tint at locations around the wheel.  Rotating the glass wheel around to the various tint allows the customer to feel just how much radiant heat is transmitted through the glass.    A conservative 50% tint (that is 50% visible light transmission) with Pinnacle Series rejects the same amount of heat as a traditional style film with only 5% visible light transmission!  5% is the tint you’ll typically find on limousines.  The total heat rejection of these two examples comes out to be just under 50%.  Imagine blocking out literally half of the heat transmitting through your glass and still be able to see at night.


Air Cleaner

September 13th, 2014 by Zach


A relatively stock height engine setup was retained in order to avoid fitment issues with the shaker since I was unwilling to fasten the shaker to the hood as some have done.  This stock style setup included a Tomahawk intake, quadrajet (built by Sean Murphy Induction), and the original 301 shaker.  With all of this there were still clearance problems.  To correct the problem I used a metal shaker base from a ’77 Trans Am and drop air cleaner from Pro-touring F-body.  I went with the EP-401 while using a 1″ air cleaner spacer.  This air cleaner setup looks to be terribly restrictive but it seems to be a fair compromise at the moment.


The faux air inlets of the shaker were cut out to make it functional.  Some honeycomb mesh epoxied in the shaker matches the fender vents.  The drop base shown below is actually the EP-402 which I also tried.  This one however had too much drop and would require a modification of the fuel line to the quadrajet.  If  Pro-touring F-body had setup the EP-402 base for a 2″ filter instead of the supplied 3″ this would be the perfect setup in my opinion.


If I had known earlier that modification would be required for the air cleaner I would have chosen an Edelbrock Performer dual plane intake instead of the Tomahawk.


Hood V

June 29th, 2014 by Zach

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The hood was sanded with 1500 grit and buffed with 3M compounds.   Hood hinges are Fesler.