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Be Cool Radiator

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Today a Be Cool Direct-Fit aluminum radiator (model 10010 from Summit Racing) was installed.  The stock fan shroud had to be modified by notching the plastic at each inlet and outlet tube of the radiator.  Also, the stock radiator bushings cannot be used.  Custom brackets will need to be fabricated.


Radiator Support Repair – Part VI

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Today ended with the completion of the 81 Trans Am’s radiator support. A small corner bracket that is sandwiched between one set of body bushings was bent and drilled with the appropriate size hole to accommodate the bushing. Since the car will incorporate Global West tubular subframe connectors, aluminum bushings will be used under the radiator support and at two locations between body and subframe as required by the manufacturer. Next the All-Metal was grinded relatively smooth to fill any major pitting. The rusted piece that was cut out of the radiator support was used the locate the holes for which the battery tray is mounted. The holes were cut out using a few drill bits and a die grinder. The support will house a Be Cool Aluminum radiator, as the stock radiator for the 301 may not be able to effectively cool the new 400 motor. The day ended with final paint on the radiator support, bottom support brackets, and battery tray.