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Tremec TKO 600 Installation

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

A Tremec TKO 600 five speed was ordered from Hurst Driveline Conversions, formerly Classic Chevy 5 Speed.  The transmission was ordered as a kit which includes everything to make the automatic to manual conversion.  The TKO-600 incorporates the following gear ratios.   2.87,  1.89,  1.28,  1.00,  0.64 and rated for 600 ft-lbs.   The kit is touted as a “no cut, no modification” setup.  This may be a bit of a stretch.  Although all the parts were included some modification was required of the floor pan.  So far I’ve been pleased with how smoothly the installation has been.  The top of the transmission is a little closer to the bottom of the floor pan than I’d like.  It’s an extrememly close fit in this area with almost no clearance.  The clearace hole for the shifter is rough at the moment but will be cleaned up next week.


Pilot Bearing

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

After cleaning the counterbore in the crank where the pilot bearing is retained, I noticed that the bearing was a sliding fit.  The bearing was easily installed and removed by hand.  I was concerned that the outer race may spin in the counterbore which is also known as creep.  Creep causes abrasive wear, shaft vibration, and excessive temperature rise.   I contacted Classic Chevy 5 Speed, the suppliers of the conversion kit, about the issue.  One of their service techs told me that the problem is not uncommon and a remedy is usually to use a center punch to make very small dimples around the wall of the counter bore in the crank in two rows.  I opted to use Loctite’s high temp bearing mount stick #39150 that I found on Summit Racing to secure the outer race.