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Global West Subframe Connectors

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

As promised the Global West subframe connectors were installed this week.  I must say that the fit is absolutely superb.  I was extremely pleased with how tight to the floor pan they are.  Another advantage is that these connectors require no modification to the floor pan as most do.  In fact the only modification that was needed was a very small notch in the subframe connector’s rear flange due to an interference with a brake line bracket.  Though slightly more expensive than most, I can assure you the extra expense is definitely worth it.   The instructions recommended to use the supplied flat bar stock to box in the rear of the connector after the connectors have been welded in place.   It was decided that notching the top of the plate to fit around the frame rail while the connectors were only held in place would be easier.  This means some of the welding could be done off of the car.  Per instruction, four 1/2″ clearance holes had to be drilled in the front of the connectors through the frame rails.  Each subframe connector requires two 1/2″ bolts be installed for extra stiffness. The connectors will be reinstalled and welded around the entire box next week.


Installing the Subframe

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

The subframe was resinstalled today using the solid aluminum bushings that came with the Global West tubular subframe connector kit. The center bolts that attach the subframe were torqued to 100ft-lbs and then the rear bolts fastened snugly as they will be loosened again to install the subframe connectors. Global West requires the two sets of body bushings be aluminum and recommend that the radiator support bushing also be aluminum although they claim polyurethane will be fine for this point only.

Next all the steering linkage nuts were torqued to factory recommended torque specs. Wheel alignment shims were placed back in the order they were removed. Control arm fasteners will be torqued when the car is at normal ride height. The last project of the day was to install the remaining stainless fuel and brake lines from National Parts Depot. The lines were pre-bent which made for a fairly easy install. Next week the wire harness will be re-wrapped with tape and the car will be ready for the motor.

Radiator Support Repair – Part VI

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Today ended with the completion of the 81 Trans Am’s radiator support. A small corner bracket that is sandwiched between one set of body bushings was bent and drilled with the appropriate size hole to accommodate the bushing. Since the car will incorporate Global West tubular subframe connectors, aluminum bushings will be used under the radiator support and at two locations between body and subframe as required by the manufacturer. Next the All-Metal was grinded relatively smooth to fill any major pitting. The rusted piece that was cut out of the radiator support was used the locate the holes for which the battery tray is mounted. The holes were cut out using a few drill bits and a die grinder. The support will house a Be Cool Aluminum radiator, as the stock radiator for the 301 may not be able to effectively cool the new 400 motor. The day ended with final paint on the radiator support, bottom support brackets, and battery tray.