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Sub-frame Prep – More Sand Blasting

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Today the sub-frame was brought out of the garage for sandblasting. It had been completely dis-assembled the week before. A small 20lb pressurized sand blaster was purchased from Harbor Freight. It works really well. I would’ve bought the 40lb for about $20 more but it was out of stock. The only problem is that sand blasting drains the compressor so fast it takes a good amount of time to build back up. I did come up with a decent solution for this. Two compressors were connected together in order to allow a good amount of continuous air. I bought two check valves from Grainger (part # 6D914) for about $9 a piece that coupled to a Tee fitting. The two compressors fed into each check valve and into each side of the Tee fitting. The single Tee outlet went to the blaster. This allowed a continous supply of air without each compressor working against each other. The blaster ran out of sand long before I ran out of air. Blasting all of that grease and undercoating easily swallowed up most of the day. There was still a little time left to wipe the sub-frame down with degreaser and put the first coat of Eastwood’s Rust Converter. Tomorrow I’ll apply the second part Rust Encapsulator so that it can be painted next week.