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Sail Panel Graphics

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

The custom phoenix graphics were pre-cut with a vinyl plotter on Artool’s Automask film.  This was a two step process in which the inner wings were airbrushed with House of Kolor’s “Pagan Gold”.  The outer lines were painted with HoK’s “Goldmine”.   With all of airbrushing finally out of the way, the car is ready for a coat of clear.


Custom Phoenix Graphic

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The phoenix graphic on the hood and sail panel was redesigned to update the overall look to match the lettering.  The inner pin stripes in the wings were removed to simplify the graphic.  The phoenix outline was sprayed with “Goldmine” from House of Kolor.  The inner parts of the wings where the pin strip used to be was sprayed with a darker candy “Pagan Gold” also from House of Kolor.  The “Pagan Gold” only really shows up in direct sunlight which gives a good depth to the graphic.

AutoCad layout         Factory graphic       Rendered redesign       Painted graphic

Custom Trans Am Graphics

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

In addition to the lettering, special graphics were also designed for the Trans Am phoenix.  Designs were drawn in AutoCad.  The AutoCad files were sent to a local sign shop to be precut on a vinyl plotter.

I found it extremely difficult to find any sign shops interested in cutting these pieces.  “Steve’s Signworx” in Lynchburg VA and “K & K Signs” in Bedford VA said they were interested but never returned my calls or email when I said that I was ready to have them cut.  “Signs By Tomorrow” in Lynchburg was the only shop that seemed remotely interested in doing the work.  These guys were great to work with.  The graphic designer went above and beyond to make sure then end product came out right.

A test panel was painted  to ensure the colors and lettering looked acceptable.  The vinyl stencil was then applied to the test panel.  The gold pinstripe that’s typically inside of the feathers in the wings was removed to simplify the design.  Black pearl from House of Kolor was sprayed on the inside of the feathers to add some character.


The black pearl sections were re-masked so that the gold portion could be painted.


“Goldmine” from House of Kolor was used for the phoenix and lettering.  The design was satisfactory though I’ll likely make a few minor changes when it’s time to paint the real one.  The black pearl in the phoenix does not show in the picture and is very subtle in person.  The black pearl will likely be replaced with a darker shade of gold.  I’ll need to experiment with other types of vinyl as well since this particular low tack vinyl left a large amount of residue behind when portions were removed.