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Door Paint

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Today the Trans Am doors were painted as another major milestone was met.  A little sanding and buffing is still required but the doors look good so far.  The past couple of weekends were spent cleaning the garage as much as possible to prevent any dust from settling into the paint.  The floor was scrubbed with water.  Plastic was stapled to all the walls and ceiling.  Thin plastic  was draped over tool boxes and tables.  Air filters were stapled in place inside a window in the front of the garage and an exhuast fan was placed in the back window to clear out overspray.


Last week the door skins were wet sanded with 500 grit paper.  Etching primer was dusted over any bare metal spots.  This week the doors were lightly wet sanded with 600 grit to remove any overspray.  The doors were then hung from the ceiling ready to paint.

A coat of PPG’s Deltron sealer was applied over the existing primer.  After the appropriate flash time, PPG’s Concept black single stage paint  was applied over the sealer.  Single stage paint normally requires no extra clear coat.  The manufacturer recommended mix ratios of hardener and reducer are added to the single stage paint which is then sprayed on your panel to dry, and that’s it.   Though dark single stage paints may show swirl marks after buffing.  To avoid this, clear coat is added into the paint for the last two coats following the single coat of pure black.   Then a final coat of  clear alone is applied.