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Firewall in paint

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Today’s work started by scuffing the entire firewall with a scotchbrite pad.  Any loose hardware a clips were soaked in Krud Kutter’s “The Must for Rust” to remove corrosion.  The screws were painted using a small brush with semi-gloss black and clips were dipped in the same paint and allowed to dry.  Then, the heater box and wiring harness was tapped and Sem’s beige seam sealer was applied to all necessary seams.

3M makes a paint gun setup to spray their rust inhibitor in tight places you can’t reach with a brush or sprayer.  It’s called Rust Fighter and includes a gun and a long application want for getting inside places like rocker panels and the inside of the firewall.  Although 3M doesn’t mention this, it was found that this gun and wand is able to spray paint in areas you can’t reach as well.  This is a great tool for ensuring you get converage in places you can’t see.

After the seam sealer was allowed to dry for about an hour and a half and inside the firewall was painted, semi-gloss black paint was applied to the firewall.  The pictures were taken shortly after the paint was sprayed so it appears a little more glossy than it actually is.