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Be Cool Radiator

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Today a Be Cool Direct-Fit aluminum radiator (model 10010 from Summit Racing) was installed.  The stock fan shroud had to be modified by notching the plastic at each inlet and outlet tube of the radiator.  Also, the stock radiator bushings cannot be used.  Custom brackets will need to be fabricated.


Fuel Pump, Water Pump, & Oil Filter Housing

Monday, January 25th, 2010

The Trans Am restoration continues.  A Flow-Kooler water pump was purchased from Summit.  The water pump and fuel pump were cleared with Rust-o-leum’s Engine Enamel.  The clear should prevent aluminum oxidation in the future.  The fuel pump was purchased from Napa Auto Parts.  The fuel pump was for a ’73 Pontiac.  It turns out that the fuel lines are on opposite sides of the car for ’73 and ’81 because the fuel inlets point in the wrong direction.  On the ’73 the inlets point across the motor.  This is a problem since my fuel lines are on the driver’s side.  I could get by with looping a fuel hose around to the inlet but getting the later pump should make the setup cleaner and more safe.  Lastly, the oil filter housing was painted metallic blue to match the block.  The engine should be ready to start in a few weeks.


Motor Progress

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Today I stopped by CLC Auto Machine in Lynchburg VA to see the progress on my Pontiac 400. The majority of the machine work is already done. The cylinders were bored .030″ over and honed. Mains were aligned and valve seats cut for 2.11″/1.77″ valves instead of the stock 1.96″/1.66″ valves. Valves will be replaced with new stainless valves and the crank is to be balanced. I ordered a roller cam that I’ll drop off by the shop next week. The cam is Comp Cams roller XR276HR-10 ordered from Summit. Duration is 224/230 at 0.050″ and total lift is .502/.510. Combustion chambers in the head measure in at 75cc and piston to deck height will be 0.020″ to bring the compression to around 9.5:1. The motor should be ready to be picked up in about two weeks.

Coil Springs

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Today the coil springs, lower control arms, spindles, and shocks were installed on the subframe. Front coil springs are Eibach 3852-120 1.0″-2.0″ drop, purchased from Summit. The rear leaf springs had settled more than the original stock coil springs which caused the front to sit higher than the rear. Hopefully the drop springs will atleast level the car and maybe give the car slightly aggressive stance. The KYB gas-a-just shocks were scuffed and painted black then installed. The shocks are stock length which I read would work with the Eibach shocks.

Background – Trans Am

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

This is my first post detailing the progress of my resto-mod ‘81 Trans Am. I’ll try to keep the blog updated each week as much as possible. First a little background on the car. I bought the car around 2001 for about $2500. I was lucky enough to find a Y84 Special Edition Trans Am (or Bandit Edition as some call it).  The car originally came from Florida and wasn’t in bad shape but not great either.  It had been painted within the last decade or so with a budget paint job.  The paint was faded and all original decals gone, except for some remnants which had started to bleed back through.  After a little exhaust work from a local shop, the clogged cat was replaced and ran decently for a couple of years. It suffered from leaky t-tops as most older Trans Ams do. All that water did a number on the interior over the years. With musky old car smell and tattered seats I didn’t have much money so I drove the car as is, even as my daily driver for about 6 months when my main car died. In ’05 I decided to move away from my hometown to finish my degree in Mechanical Engineering. The car sat idle and forgotten for the next two years.