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PCV Grommet

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I finally made a little progress after two consecutive snow storms that conveniently happened to both fall on weekends. The distributor and Taylor custom fit spark plug wires were installed.  Unfortunately I’ll have to remove the intake to replace the valley pan.  I’ve decided to use an aluminum valley pan from Butler Performance.  I mistakingly left the PCV grommet in place before I dropped off the valley pan to the machine shop.  Not long after installing the intake, it quickly became evident that the grommet could not be removed without breaking apart and falling into the motor.  The ’73 fuel pump was swapped out at Napa for an ’81 style.  They are practically identical except for the direction of the fuel inlet tubes.  The ’81 style faces the opposite direction from the ’73.  To finish out the day, a rebuilt quadrajet carburetor from Sean Murphy Induction was mounted to the Tomahawk intake.