Stainless Brake Lines

All of the stainless steel fuel and brake lines from Classic Tube (distributed by National Parts Depot) worked well except the two short lines from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve.  One is 1/4″ diameter and the other is 3/16″.   Both lines came up short.  The old stock brake lines measure 11.25″ (0.25″ dia) and 14″ (.188″ dia).  The new stainless lines measure 9.25″ (0.25″ dia) and 11.5″ (0.188″ dia).  Each measurement was taken by tracing a string from tip to tip and then measuring the length of string.


**Update, 5/04/10**  I called Classic Tube about the issue last week.  The representative was surprised that the lines didn’t fit since he said they’ve sold many with no issue.  He suggested that I send my old and new lines in for evaluation.  Their team was a delight to work with, and the response was quick too.  The new lines came a few days later.  They were able to make exact copies of my existing lines which look great.  I inquired about the problem and was told that their techs were still investigating the issue.  Differences in factory master cylinders or changes during the ’81 model were all possible culprits at the moment.  The rep said they had saved my bend dimensions.  Interestingly, there’s a good chance that if you order a set of stainless master cylinder brake lines for an ’81 Trans Am, you could very well be receiving an exact copy of my lines.  What a neat thought.

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