Dash Installation

The dash was mostly reassembled and then installed again.  A minor epoxy repair to the back of the dash ensures the grab handle will fasten tightly.  The heater control face was removed to paint the switch arms.  The aluminum backing plate was painted black and the clear lens was polished to eliminate a few minor scratches.  All but a few a/c duct pieces will be left out to save on space behind the dash.  These parts will be replaced round flexible duct from Vintage Air.  Lastly, carpet was laid into place to cap off the day.



2 Responses to “Dash Installation”

  1. Brian from CVCC says:

    Looking good Zach the phoenix is rising from the ashes! lol
    Your doing a great job, I will have to get you to finish my 78 Camaro.

  2. Zach says:

    Man, you haven’t started on that Camaro yet?! Get me to finish it? If you don’t need it until you’re about retirement age then we may be able to work something out 🙂

    It’s definitely rising from the ashes alright. Slowly, but it’s getting there. I at least hope to get it to a cruise-in this year. I know I probably told you the same thing last time we talked forever ago, hah! I certainly appreciate the encouragement. Get me some pictures of that car of yours. And get started on it already!

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