Door Components

This is the first post in a few weeks for good reason.  The past few days have been spent tediously sorting, cleaning, and painting a pile of door components.  This parts include window tracks, regulators, latches, etc.   None of which individually was worth posting about.  So the following is the last 3 weekends worth of work with the top picture being the final product with glass installed.


The original door handles and locks were used.  The “4 wheel disc” decals were removed.  The pieces were bead blasted and sanded to give the paint something to grip on to. Parts were painted body color except with a flatener added to the clear.


Driver’s side regulator was shot and a new one is not yet available so a used one was purchased through Ebay.   Regulators and tracks were cleaned and reinstalled.


Inside door handle is a reproduction piece purchased through NPD.  The quality is decent.  Belt molding was purchased through NPD and is good high quality piece.



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