Bumper Flex

These bumper covers are a real pain to work with.  I used a local shop to soda blast these and a few other pieces to make quick work of the stripping process.  A little work was required with the DA sander to smooth out some texture left by the blasting and to remove some left over paint in some areas.  Though this was the easy part.  The real challenge is making these pieces rigid enough so the primer and paint don’t crack when they’re flexed during handling and assembly.  The first attempt was unsuccessful so the majority of K36 primer (which included a flex additive by-the-way) was sanded off.

The next attempt will be to fasten some particle board to some of the mounting locations of the bumper in order to create a make-shift frame.  Next, in addition to PPG’s flex additive, the K36 will be thinned considerably in order to limit the build-up.


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