The Trans Am finally made it’s debut at a local cruise night.  The pristine GTO beside the Trans Am is the actual car that this site was originally created for.


The picture below is just after window tint by OuttaSight in Lynchburg Va.  After seeing an unbelievable demo setup in OuttaSight’s showroom I was immediately sold on FormulaOne’s Pinnacle Series ceramic construction type tint.  The demo consisted of a heat lamp behind a glass wheel with different types of tint at locations around the wheel.  Rotating the glass wheel around to the various tint allows the customer to feel just how much radiant heat is transmitted through the glass.    A conservative 50% tint (that is 50% visible light transmission) with Pinnacle Series rejects the same amount of heat as a traditional style film with only 5% visible light transmission!  5% is the tint you’ll typically find on limousines.  The total heat rejection of these two examples comes out to be just under 50%.  Imagine blocking out literally half of the heat transmitting through your glass and still be able to see at night.


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