Distribution Block Bracket

This bracket was made to replace the stock brake distribution block bracket.  The stock bracket located the rubber flex line too close to the Pypes crossflow exhaust.  Also, the Moroso cast aluminum diff cover position one of the brackets that held the brake line to the rear end about a 1/2″ rearward.  This adjustable bracket did the trick.


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  1. Mark Krumenacker says:


    I have a 1977 TA. Within the next year or so I will probably be getting the car repainted. Can you email me, I am very interested in how you did all of your graphics. It looks like you airbrushed them all which is something I am considering. Curious where you are located, would love to see the paint job in person.


  2. Zach says:

    Hi Mark. Yes, the graphics were airbrushed using Artool’s automask film and House of Kolor paint. I laid out the design in AutoCad and cut it out using a vinyl plotter. The sail panel bird and letters were easy. The hood bird was very difficult to get straight because I had to split it into two sections due to the size.
    First the entire vinyl stencil was applied to the hood. The inner wing dark gold area was then unmasked first and these pieces were kept intact to be reapplied later. The dark gold was sprayed and allowed to dry. The inner wing masking pieces were placed back over the dark gold. The areas to be painted light gold was then removed and painted. All stenciling was removed and viola. I have a few more posts listed below which you may have not seen. These go into a little more detail and show some pictures on how it was done. I hope this helps. Would love to see some pictures of your car. My email is zcox83@gmail.com if you have more questions. I’ll also shoot this to your email. I’m located in Lynchburg VA. Would be glad to show it off if you’re in the area.


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