Oil Catch Can

Decided to try out a Mishimoto oil catch can.  This device is utilizes a bronze sintered vent in line of the PCV system to collect oil vapor which condenses to liquid as it passes through the vent.  The bottom of the canister unscrews to dump the collected oil.  A machined aluminum bracket that I made locates the piece nicely on the cylinder head.  A nylon insulator will be machined to sandwich between the bracket and cylinder head to shield the parts from heat.  Nylon is a decent insulator having roughly one thousandth of the thermal conductivity of aluminum and is stable up to around 400F.

The part comes with plastic NPT fittings with 3/8″ barbs.  These fittings were replaced with Aeroquip AN fittings.  Aeroquip pushlock hoses will connect the system.


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