Aluminum Valley Pan

Today the aluminum valley pan from Butler Performance was installed.  I’m glad pan was finally changed out since there was still crud coming out of the old pan when tapped lighly.  As per the instructions, the cork gasket was glued to the pan with high temp gasket maker.  Studs were installed into the block at no more than 0.75″ as any further may cause cam bearing damage.  I elected to install my studs roughly 5/8″ deep.  After the studs were measured and installed to depth, gasket maker was applied in a continuous bead all the way around, slightly heavy on both ends of the block.  The studs were held in place with an allen wrench and the nylon lock nuts tightened until there was pressure on both ends of the gasket.  I’m uneasy about how well the pan is going to seal and how tight is “too tight” for the nuts.  I’m not overly impressed with the fitment.  Unfortunately I had to bevel the edges heavily to get the Tomahawk intake to clear.  The baffeling in the PCV hole was very slight.  I guess only time will tell if there will be any problems.  If I had it to do all over again I’d go with the Tomahawk two piece stamped steel valley pan that will also clear roller lifters.


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