Cleaning Floorpans

Yesterday, work continued by cleaning all of the old grease and transmission fluid from the bottom of the floor pans.  I’m still amazed at the condition of the existing floor pans.  Maybe all that caked on gunk actually helped a little.  The front section under the firewall is supported by two sets of jack stands and the rear tires are set in a pair of old wheels.  Even with the extra clearance it’s still a tough job.


Last week underneath was sprayed down liberally with Gunk brand degreaser and left to soak all week.  A paint scraper and small wire brushes took care of most of the heavy stuff.  When the thick grease was removed, a thin residue was left and more or less smeared from on place to another.  Finally, some paint thinner and rags seemed to work best to remove this residue.  Paint thinner was applied one small section at a time with a paint brush and then wiped clean with rags (over and over and over again.)  Next week the remaining residue will be cleaned and all areas prepped for paint.

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