Today’s project was cleaning and prepping the firewall. All of the completed rear underbody was masked with plastic to minimize dirt and grime spreading to finished areas. Attention was then focused on removing all wire harnesses, a/c equipment, brake booster, wiper motor, and other obstructions in order to fully clean the firewall. Most of the original seam sealer was thick and caked on. With a screw driver and scraper it flaked off fairly easily. Small wire brushes (really cheap at Harbor Freight) come in handy in narrow corners and crevices.

With all old seam sealer removed, a wire brush and scotch brite pad removed most all of the loose dirt and surface rust. A small patch of metal was rusted through at the base of the windshield which will be addressed next week after the windshield is removed.


2 Responses to “Firewall”

  1. Frank B. says:

    Are you going to use butyl caulk on windshield?

  2. Zach says:

    Butyl tape was used on the GTO and sealed around the outer edge with “Easyflow Reseal” made by Crest products. Will probably go the same route with the Trans Am.

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