Hood IV

The phoenix graphic was modified slightly to simplify the overall design.  The modified image was cut on a vinyl plotter and transferred to the hood.The pinstripe on the stock graphic was removed and a dark candy gold was filled in its place.


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  1. Billi LaCour says:

    First let me say that I really love your work. I am a lifelong Pontiac owner and lover. I have a 66 GTO CONVERTIBLE that’s been in my family since new. Dad was first owner, and he gave it to me in ’85. I completed the resto in 88. I bought my first Poncho in 1980, a ’71 Formula. Sold it in ’93 when the family grew and regretted it til 2012 when I found a 72′ that is getting a TA tribute total rebuild. One of my must haves is to paint the graphics on instead of decals. I got your link from Hitman’s TA page and was told that you may offer the stencil kit that I need. Please contact me if you have this kit available or can give me a lead on where I may find one. I’ve read your whole page and love the detail and finish you have put into your builds.

    Thanks, Billi

  2. Zach says:

    I appreciate the compliments and thanks for following the site. I always like hearing about reader’s rides. I’ve been kicking around setting up a place for readers to upload some pictures of their cars. As for the stencils, unfortunately I don’t have a kit readily available but I’ll be glad to help you where I can. I’d probably be uncomfortable selling the hood bird stencil at least since I had so much trouble with it. I used Artool’s Automask which worked ok but there were a few disadvantages. The first is the the 2 ft wide roll is reasonably priced at around $50 but requires you to make the hood bird in two sections. The 4 ft wide roll would probably be ideal but the cost was around $300 for the roll last I checked. Lining up the two piece stencil was a nightmare. I scrapped one and almost gave up the second time. The Artool Automask is so low tack that it peels up on the wide areas very easily when trying to remove the application tape. I can’t say for sure if the 4ft wide roll would be any easier because of how easily the mask peels up. The smaller graphics were a breeze though. I have the files you’d need to take any vinyl shop that I can send you. You may find (like I did) that most of these shops are hesitant to cut this on anything but vinyl. I tried vinyl by the way. It left a nasty residue and you don’t want to use that for stenciling. I finally talked a local sign shop into cutting the sail panel birds for me. I just supplied the material. My brother ended up buying plotter so that allowed me to experiment a little on the fender graphics and hood bird. Are you looking to do just the hood bird or the sail panel bird, fender, and shaker lettering as well?

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