Installing the Subframe

The subframe was resinstalled today using the solid aluminum bushings that came with the Global West tubular subframe connector kit. The center bolts that attach the subframe were torqued to 100ft-lbs and then the rear bolts fastened snugly as they will be loosened again to install the subframe connectors. Global West requires the two sets of body bushings be aluminum and recommend that the radiator support bushing also be aluminum although they claim polyurethane will be fine for this point only.

Next all the steering linkage nuts were torqued to factory recommended torque specs. Wheel alignment shims were placed back in the order they were removed. Control arm fasteners will be torqued when the car is at normal ride height. The last project of the day was to install the remaining stainless fuel and brake lines from National Parts Depot. The lines were pre-bent which made for a fairly easy install. Next week the wire harness will be re-wrapped with tape and the car will be ready for the motor.

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