Lizard Skin

Lizard Skin brand spray-on sound deadening was purchased for the trunk.  JEGs supplied the 1 gallon container ($79.99) and spray gun ($79.99).  After about a minute of mixing with the included mixer it was ready to apply.


Prep work is minimal.  A quick wipe down with some glass cleaner  for water based contaminants and then wax and grease remover for oily contaminants was all that was needed.  Lizard Skin is advertised to adhere to any primed or painted surface with no mention of scuffing or sanding.


Lizard Skin is much easier to apply when compared to Dynamat.   It’s easier to spray into small areas which you may not be able to apply Dynamat.  A paint depth gauge comes with the kit which is very useful.  Though even with this gauge it’s still difficult to get a uniform coating all over between the recommended 15 to 25 mils per coat.  A total of 40 mils is the suggested coating thickness.


Overall I’m very please with how the Lizard Skin was applied and looks.  The trunk is  a nice uniform dark grey.  As far as the sound deadening I’m not sure I’m sold that it’s better or even as good as Dynamat.  You get less resonance from the panels when knocking on the outside of them but the panels don’t sound quite as solid as the areas with Dynamat.  Even so I would still recommend Lizard Skin as a great product to use.


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