Metal work done!

Today didn’t yield much progress but a good milestone was met.  All of the metal work on the Trans Am’s body shell is finally finished.  A square hole was cut under the windshield channel to remove the rusted area.  A square patch of sheetmetal cut to have roughly a 1/16″  gap on all sides was held in place for welding.  To match the existing contour, the patch was placed beside the cut out and lightly tapped with a body hammer to form the radius.  The patch was welded and the welds ground flush.  A thin coat of All-Metal was skimmed over the area and sanded smooth with 100 grit sandpaper on a foam block.  Eastwood’s Rust Converter was applied to the opposite side with a sponge to prevent any remaining surface rust from spreading further.


Damage to the t-top area was very minor.  Most of this area was taken care of while working on the roof.  A small patch and a series of welds ground smooth did the trick.  Next step will be spraying some self-etching primer on any bare metal areas and then a coat of high build primer around the windshield channel.  After that it’s on to the dreaded job of cleaning underneath the front floor pans.

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