Motor Progress

Today I stopped by CLC Auto Machine in Lynchburg VA to see the progress on my Pontiac 400. The majority of the machine work is already done. The cylinders were bored .030″ over and honed. Mains were aligned and valve seats cut for 2.11″/1.77″ valves instead of the stock 1.96″/1.66″ valves. Valves will be replaced with new stainless valves and the crank is to be balanced. I ordered a roller cam that I’ll drop off by the shop next week. The cam is Comp Cams roller XR276HR-10 ordered from Summit. Duration is 224/230 at 0.050″ and total lift is .502/.510. Combustion chambers in the head measure in at 75cc and piston to deck height will be 0.020″¬†to bring the compression to around¬†9.5:1. The motor should be ready to be picked up in about two weeks.

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