Radiator Support Repair – Part V

With all of the welds ground smooth, a small amount of filler evened out the imperfections. Admittedly filler on this piece is a little overkill but as they say if you’re going to do something you may as well do it right. First a thin coat of All-Metal was mixed and applied to a wide area on top of the welds and places heavily pitted from rust. This was sanded down with a DA sander. Next, a skim coat of body glaze was applied over the All-Metal to smooth out the deep scratches left by the DA.

The new battery box from National Parts Depot was blasted and recoated with self etching primer. The steering box was not blasted but washed with soapy water and then dried. A product called “The Must for Rust” by Krud Kutter was applied over the entire surface. The product contains phosphoric acid and does a great job of removing rust on its own with little or no scrubbing.

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