Sway bar and Diff Cover

The reassembly of the pinion seal seemed to be without issue.  Time will tell if the pinion bearings were loaded correctly since the correct way to preload the bearings is without the guts installed. While the car was on jack stands and the old stamped steel diff cover was off I decided to add a Moser aluminum cover.    It also felt like a good time to upgrade the rear sway bar.  The new piece is from Pro-touringf-body.  The assembly is very straight forward.  The new piece is 7/8″ compared to the factor 3/4″ diameter. One other key difference is that the new sway bar is adjustable.  The pictured location is a fair compromise between the diff cover and muffler.  I’ll attempt to move the muffler back some in order to also get the sway bar further rearward which will reduce the stiffness.  Where the bar sits now leaves a moment arm of 1/2″ less than stock.  With the added diameter this may be too stiff with a factory front bar.  U-bolts were left long because I’m almost certain that an additional 1 to 1.5″  lowering blocks will be needed.


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