Use Eastwood’s Rust Converter With Caution

Today was dissapointing. Last week the two part Rust Converter/Encapsulator was applied just as the directions say. “Apply part A and wait overnight. If more protection is desired apply part B, or else scuff and apply topcoat.” I took this to mean if you are applying part B you don’t have to scuff. Evidently this is incorrect or there is something wrong with the part B Encapsulator. When it came time to scuff the part B in order to paint, much of it easily flaked off. Especially at corners and edges. I didn’t want this to bite me in the rear later so I made the hard desicion to blast it all off. This time I didn’t mess with the Eastwood stuff and used a self etching primer under a top coat of SEM’s black semi-gloss Rust-Shield paint. Fortunately blasting was a breeze this time around and it didn’t take long. The self etch primer only takes a few minutes to dry and was able to paint the sub frame today after all. I’ll keep researching what went wrong with the Eastwood rust encapsulator and post when I get a response. The sand, primer, and paint ran out so the control arms will have to wait until next week.

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