Last night I stumbled upon some exciting news.  It appears YearOne has started selling reproduction snowflake wheels.  These aren’t the billet snowflake wheels that you may have seen on YearOne’s Bandit Edition Trans Am.  These are exact reproduction castings of the 15X8 wheels that originally came with the WS6 package.  More importantly they are producing a 17×9 wheel in the same style.  The wheels match the original exactly but do a good job of bringing the car up to date.  I’m told that the 17×9’s will fit on all four corners with stock suspension and without any type of modification.

My 81 originally came with 15×8 turbo wheels which can be seen in the gallery.  I had planned on eventually finding a good set of original snowflake wheels but it looks like I’ll be placing an order for the 17×9’s.  Pricing at this time is $699 for a set of four.  YearOne automatically gives a 5% volume discount for orders over $500 and I typically get emails for 15% to 20% off because I registered my email address.  These discounts will work for these wheels but will not work for the billet wheels.  Hopefully the reproduction parts by YearOne is a good indication that there is some interest building in these cars again.


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